What exactly is the role of your attorney throughout your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy? We have compiled a list of the most basic duties and responsibilities of a bankruptcy attorney throughout the case. To find out more about bankruptcy attorneys or ask for a referral, please visit our page on Bankruptcy Professionals.

In general, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney will handle the following throughout your bankruptcy:

a. He or she will look at your financial situation and determine whether a Chapter 13 case is a feasible for you.

b. Assist you in obtaining the required pre-bankruptcy credit counseling class.

c. Help you in preparing a budget.

d. Come up with and implement methods of dealing with secured creditors.

e. Devise a Chapter 13 plan.

f. Prepare and  file all the necessary pleadings and Chapter 13 forms.

g. Attend the meeting of the creditors and the confirmation hearing as well as any other required hearings.

h. Get the Chapter 13 plan approved.

i. Handle the claims filed in the case and filing objections to improper claims

l. Assist you in overcoming any legal obstacles that may arise during the case.

n. Obtain a discharge upon the completion of the plan.